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LSCU PACs Supported Candidates


Political Action Committees, also called PACs, are used by organizations such as LSCU for the purpose of raising and spending money to help elect candidates who are supportive of their industry. LSCU’s state and federal PACs’ are non-partisan and sole mission is to support candidates for public office that are pro-credit union. The following is a list of candidates that LSCU’s Federal and State PACs are supporting in the 2022 elections.



Representative Jerry Carl* 1st Congressional District
Representative Barry Moore* 2nd Congressional District
Representative Mike Rogers* 3rd Congressional District
Representative Robert Aderholt* 4th Congressional District
Dale Strong+ 5th Congressional District
Representative Gary Palmer* 6th Congressional District
Representative Terri Sewell* 7th Congressional District
Katie Britt United States Senate
Representative Al Lawson* 2nd Congressional District
Representative Kat Cammack* 3rd Congressional District
Representative John Rutherford* 4th Congressional District
State Senator Aaron Bean+ 5th Congressional District
Representative Michael Waltz* 6th Congressional District
Representative Bill Posey* 8th Congressional District
Representative Darren Soto* 9th Congressional District
State Senator Randolph Bracy+ 10th Congressional District
Representative Daniel Webster* 11th Congressional District
Representative Gus Bilirakis* 12th Congressional District
Representative Kathy Castor* 14th Congressional District
Laurel Lee 15th Congressional District
Representative Vern Buchanan* 16th Congressional District
Representative Greg Steube* 17th Congressional District
Representative Scott Franklin* 18th Congressional District
Representative Byron Donalds* 19th Congressional District
Representative Brian Mast* 21st Congressional District
Representative Lois Frankel* 22nd Congressional District
Representative Frederica Wilson* 24th Congressional District
Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz* 25th Congressional District
Representative Mario Diaz-Balart* 26th Congressional District
Representative Maria Elvira Salazar* 27th Congressional District
Representative Carlos Gimenez* 28th Congressional District
Senator Marco Rubio* United States Senate
Representative Buddy Carter* 1st Congressional District
Representative Sanford Bishop* 2nd Congressional District
Representative Drew Ferguson* 3rd Congressional District
Representative Hank Johnson* 4th Congressional District
Representative Nikema Williams* 5th Congressional District
Rich McCormick 6th Congressional District
Representative Lucy McBath* 7th Congressional District
Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux 7th Congressional District
Representative Austin Scott* 8th Congressional District
Representative Andrew Clyde* 9th Congressional District
Mike Collins 10th Congressional District
Representative Barry Loudermilk* 11th Congressional District
Representative Rick Allen* 12th Congressional District
Representative David Scott* 13th Congressional District
Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock* United States Senate

*Denotes Incumbent

+Denotes elected official seeking higher office

Candidate Office
Governor Kay Ivey* Governor
Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth* Lt. Governor
Attorney General Steve Marshall* Attorney General
Greg Cook Supreme Court
Representative Phillip Pettus* House District 1
Jason Black+ House District 2
Representative Andrew Sorrell+ House District 3
Kerry Underwood+ House District 3
Representative Parker Moore* House District 4
Representative Danny Crawford* House District 5
Representative Andy Whitt* House District 6
Representative Proncey Robertson* House District 7
Representative Terri Collins* House District 8
Representative Scott Stadthagen* House District 9
Representative Randall Shedd* House District 11
Representative Corey Harbison* House District 12
Matt Woods House District 13
Representative Tim Wadsworth* House District 14
Leigh Hulsey+ House District 15
Representative Kyle South* House District 16
Representative Jamie Kiel* House District 18
Representative Laura Hall* House District 19
James Lomax House District 20
Representative Rex Reynolds* House District 21
Representative Tommy Hanes* House District 23
Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter* House District 24
Brock Colvin House District 26
Representative Wes Kitchens* House District 27
Representative Gil Isbell* House District 28
Representative Craig Lipscomb* House District 30
Representative Barbara Boyd* House District 32
Representative Ben Robbins* House District 33
Representative David Standridge* House District 34
Representative Randy Wood* House District 36
Representative Bob Fincher* House District 37
Representative Debbie Wood* House District 38
Representative Ginny Shaver* House District 39
Representative Corley Ellis* House District 41
Representative Van Smith* House District 42
Representative Arnold Mooney* House District 43
Representative Danny Garrett* House District 44
Representative Dickie Drake* House District 45
Representative David Faulkner* House District 46
Mike Shaw House District 47
Representative Jim Carns* House District 48
Representative Russell Bedsole* House District 49
Representative Jim Hill* House District 50
Representative Allen Treadaway* House District 51
Representative John Rogers* House District 52
Representative Anthony Daniels* House District 53
Representative Neil Rafferty* House District 54
Representative Merika Coleman-Evans* House District 57
Representative Rolanda Hollis* House District 58
Representative Cynthia Almond* House District 63
Donna Givens House District 64
Representative Brett Easterbrook* House District 65
Representative Alan Baker* House District 66
Representative Prince Chestnut* House District 67
Representative Thomas Jackson* House District 68
Representative Kelvin Lawrence* House District 69
Representative A.J. McCampbell* House District 71
Representative Ralph Howard* House District 72
Representative Kenneth Paschal* House District 73
Representative Charlotte Meadows* House District 74
Representative Reed Ingram* House District 75
Representative Tashina Morris* House District 77
Representative Joe Lovvorn* House District 79
Representative Chris Blackshear* House District 80
Representative Ed Oliver* House District 81
Representative Pebblin Warren* House District 82
Representative Jeremy Gray* House District 83
Representative Berry Forte* House District 84
Representative Dexter Grimsley* House District 85
Representative Paul Lee* House District 86
Representative Jeff Sorrells* House District 87
Representative Chris Sells* House District 90
Representative Rhett Marques* House District 91
Representative Steve Clouse* House District 93
Representative Joe Faust* House District 94
Representative Matt Simpson* House District 96
Representative Adline Clarke* House District 97
Representative Napoleon Bracy* House District 98
Representative Sam Jones* House District 99
Representative Chris Pringle* House District 101
Representative Shane Stringer* House District 102
Representative Barbara Drummond* House District 103
Representative Margie Wilcox* House District 104
Representative Chip Brown* House District 105
Senator Tim Melson* Senate District 1
Senator Tom Butler* Senate District 2
Senator Arthur Orr* Senate District 3
Senator Garlan Gudger* Senate District 4
Senator Greg Reed* Senate District 5
Senator Larry Stutts* Senate District 6
Senator Sam Givhan* Senate District 7
Senator Steve Livingston* Senate District 8
Senator Clay Scofield* Senate District 9
Senator Andrew Jones* Senate District 10
Lance Bell Senate District 11
Keith Kelley Senate District 12
Senator Randy Price* Senate District 13
Senator April Weaver* Senate District 14
Senator Dan Roberts* Senate District 15
Senator Jabo Waggoner* Senate District 16
Senator Shay Shelnutt* Senate District 17
Senator Rodger Smitherman* Senate District 18
Representative Louise Alexander+ Senate District 19
Senator Linda Coleman-Madison* Senate District 20
Senator Gerald Allen* Senate District 21
Senator Greg Albritton* Senate District 22
Senator Bobby Singleton* Senate District 24
Senator Will Barfoot* Senate District 25
Senator Kirk Hatcher* Senate District 26
Senator Tom Whatley* Senate District 27
Senator Billy Beasley* Senate District 28
Senator Donnie Chesteen* Senate District 29
Senator Clyde Chambliss* Senate District 30
Representative Mikes Jones+ Senate District 31
Senator Chris Elliott* Senate District 32
Senator Vivian Davis Figures* Senate District 33
Senator Jack Williams* Senate District 34
Senator David Sessions* Senate District 35

*Denotes incumbent

+Denotes elected official seeking higher office

Candidate Office Results
Representative Michelle Salzman* House District 1 Winner, now General
Representative Alex Andrade* House District 2 Winner, now General
Representative Jayer Wiliamson* House District 3
Representative Vance Coley House District 5 Lost, Shane Abbott moves to General
Representative Griff Griffitts House District 6 Winner, now General
Representative Jason Shoaf* House District 7 Won without opposition
Representative Allison Tant* House District 9 Won without opposition
Representative Sam Garrison* House District 11 General Only
Garrett Dennis House District 14 Lost, Kimberly Daniels moves on to General
Dean Black* House District 15 Winner, now General
Chet Stokes House District 16 Lost, Kiyan Michael moves on to General
Jessica Baker House District 17 Winner, now General
Representative Paul Renner* House District 19 General Only
Representative Ralph Massullo* House District 23 Won Primary, no General
Representative Joe Harding* House District 24 Won without opposition
Taylor Yarkosky House District 25 Winner, now General
Representative Keith Truenow* House District 26 General Only
Representative Stan McClain* House District 27 Won without opposition
Representative Tom Leek* House District 28 General Only
Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff* House District 29 Autorecount - lost by 30 votes
Chase Tramont House District 30 Winner, now General
Representative Tyler Sirois* House District 31 Won without opposition
Representative Randy Fine* House District 33 General Only
Rachel Plakon House District 36 Winner, now General
Representative David Smith* House District 38 Winner, now General
Allie Braswell House District 45 General Only
Representative Sam Killebrew* House District 48 Won without opposition
Jennifer Canady House District 50 Won Primary, no General
Representative Josie Tomko* House District 51 Won Primary, no General
Jeff Holcomb House District 53 Winner, now General
Kevin Steele House District 55 Winner, now General
Adam Anderson House District 57 Won without opposition
Representative Linda Chaney House District 61 General Only
Representative Traci Koster* House District 66 General Only
Representative Fentrice Driskell* House District 67 General Only
Representative Lawrence McClure* House District 68 Winner, now General
Representative Andrew Learned* House District 69 General Only
Representative Mike Beltran House District 70 General Only
Representative Fiona McFarland* House District 73 General Only
Representative Michael Grant* House District 75 Won without opposition
Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka* House District 78 General Only
Representative Mike Giallombardo* House District 79 Won without opposition
Representative Bob Rommel* House District 81 Won without opposition
Representative Kaylee Tuck* House District 83 Won without opposition
Representative John Snyder* House District 86 General Only
Representative Christine Hunschofsky* House District 95 Won without opposition
Representative Dan Daley* House District 96 General Only
Representative Chip LaMarca* House District 100 Won without opposition
Representative Tom Fabricio* House District 110 Won without opposition
Representative David Borrero* House District 111 Won without opposition
Representative Alejandro Rizo Jr* House District 112 Won without opposition
Representative Daniel Perez* House District 116 Won without opposition
Juan Carlos Porras House District 119 Winner, now General
Representative Jim Mooney* House District 120 Winner, now General
Senator Doug Broxson* Senate District 1
Corey Simon Senate District 3
Representative Clay Yarborough+ Senate District 4 General Only
Representative Tracie Davis+ Senate District 5 Winner, now General
Senator Jennifer Bradley* Senate District 6 Winner, now General
Senator Travis Hutson* Senate District 7 Winner, now General
Senator Keith Perry* Senate District 9 General Only
Senator Jason Brodeur* Senate District 10 Winner, now General
Representative Blaise Ingoglia+ Senate District 11 General Only
Senator Janet Cruz* Senate District 14 General Only
Senator Darryl Rouson* Senate District 16 General Only
Representative Nick DiCeglie+ Senate District 18 General Only
Senator Jim Boyd* Senate District 20
Senator Ed Hooper* Senate District 21 General Only
Senator Joe Gruters* Senate District 22 Winner, now General
Senator Danny Burgess* Senate District 23 General Only
Senator Bobby Powell* Senate District 24 General Only
Senator Lori Berman* Senate District 26 General Only
Senator Ben Albritton* Senate District 27
Senator Kathleen Passidomo* Senate District 28 Winner, now General
Senator Tina Polsky* Senate District 30 General Only
Senator Shevrin Jones* Senate District 35 Winner, now General
Senator Illeana Garcia* Senate District 36 General Only
Senator Jason Pizzo* Senate District 38 Winner, now General
Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez* Senate District 40 Winner, now General


Candidate Office
Governor Brian P. Kemp* Governor
Senator Butch Miller+ Lt. Governor
Secretary Brad Raffensperger* Secretary of State
Senator Bruce Thompson+ Labor Commissioner
Representative Jason Ridley* House District 6
Representative David Ralston* House District 7
Representative Stan Gunter* House District 8
Representative Rick Jasperse* House District 11
Representative Matthew Gambill* House District 15
Representative Trey Kelley* House District 16
Representative Martin Momtahan* House District 17
Representative Tyler Paul Smith* House District 18
Representative Joseph Gullett* House District 19
Representative Wes Cantrell* House District 22
Representative Mandi Ballinger* House District 23
Carter Barrett House District 24
Representative Todd Jones* House District 25
Representative Lee Hawkins* House District 27
Representative Chris Erwin* House District 28
Representative Matt Dubnik* House District 29
Derrick McCollum House District 30
Representative Emory Dunahoo* House District 31
Representative Alan Powell* House District 32
Representative Devan Seabaugh* House District 34
Representative David Wilkerson* House District 38
Representative Erica Thomas* House District 39
Representative Teri Anulewicz* House District 42
Representative Don Parsons* House District 44
Representative John Carson* House District 46
Representative Jan Jones* House District 47
Representative Mary Robichaux* House District 48
Representative Chuck Martin* House District 49
Representative Shea Roberts* House District 52
Deborah Silcox House District 53
Representative Stacey Evans* House District 57
Representative William Boddie* House District 62
Representative Mandisha Thomas* House District 65
Representative Lynn Smith* House District 70
Representative Billy Mitchell* House District 88
Representative Bee Nguyen* House District 89
Representative Dar'shun Kendrick* House District 83
Representative Peter Marin* House District 96
Representative Bonnie Rich* House District 97
Representative Marvin Lim* House District 98
Matt Reeves House District 99
Representative Gregg Kennard* House District 102
Soo Hong House District 103
Representative Chuck Efstration* House District 104
Representative Donna McLeod* House District 105
Representative Regina Lewis-Ward* House District 109
Representative Clint Crowe* House District 110
Representative El-Mahdi Holly* House District 111
Representative Dave Belton* House District 112
Representative Sharon Henderson* House District 113
Representative Bruce Williamson* House District 115
Representative Houston Gaines* House District 117
Representative Spencer Frye* House District 118
Representative Marcus Wiedower* House District 119
RepresentativeTrey Rhodes* House District 120
Representative Barry Fleming* House District 121
Representative Mark Newton* House District 123
Representative David Knight* House District 130
Representative Vance Smith* House District 133
Representative Richard Smith* House District 134
Representative Carolyn Hugley* House District 136
Representative Robert Dickey* House District 140
Representative Dale Washburn* House District 141
Representative James Beverly* House District 143
Representative Debbie Buckner* House District 147
Representative Shaw Blackmon* House District 146
Representative Noel Williams* House District 148
Representative Matt Hatchett* House District 150
Representative Jon Burns* House District 159
Representative Ron Stephens* House District 164
Representative Darlene Taylor* House District 173
Representative John Corbett* House District 174
Representative James Burchett* House District 176
Representative Don Hogan* House District 179
Senator Ben Watson* Senate District 1
Senator Lester Jackson* Senate District 2
Senator Billy Hickman* Senate District 4
Senator Russ Goodman* Senate District 8
Senator Emanuel Jones* Senate District 10
Senator Ed Harbison* Senate District 15
Senator Marty Harbin* Senate District 16
Senator Brian Strickland* Senate District 17
Senator John F. Kennedy* Senate District 18
Senator Blake Tillery* Senate District 19
Senator Larry Walker* Senate District 20
Senator Harold Jones II* Senate District 22
Senator Max Burns* Senate District 23
Senator David Lucas* Senate District 26
Senator Matt Brass* Senate District 28
Senator Michael Dugan * Senate District 30
Senator Jason Anavitarte* Senate District 31
Senator Kay Kirkpatrick* Senate District 32
Senator Michael "Doc" Rhett* Senate District 33
Senator Nan Orrock* Senate District 36
Senator Horacena Tate* Senate District 38
Senator Sonya Halpern* Senate District 39
Senator Kim Jackson* Senate District 41
Senator Elena Parent* Senate District 42
Senator Gail Davenport* Senate District 44
Senator Clint Dixon* Senate District 45
Senator Bo Hatchett* Senate District 50
Senator Steve Gooch* Senate District 51
Senator Chuck Hufstetler* Senate District 52
Senator Chuck Payne* Senate District 54
Senator Gloria Butler* Senate District 55
Senator John Albers* Senate District 56
Senator Nikki Merritt* Senate District 96
Mayor Cosby Johnson* Mayor of Brunswick

*Denotes incumbent

+Denotes elected official seeking higher office




Alabama Office: 22 Inverness Center Pkwy., Suite 200, Birmingham, AL 35242

Florida Office: 3692 Coolidge Court, Tallahassee, FL 32311

Georgia Office: 2810 Premiere Pkwy., Suite 150, Duluth, GA 30097


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