PolicyPro provides credit unions with a comprehensive suite of more than 200 model policies that have been researched, developed and written specifically for credit unions by regulatory experts and are reviewed twice annually.

95%  of Affiliated Credit Unions have already signed up for PolicyPro as it is a value of Affiliation.  To log in and begin using PolicyPro you must have a user name and password assigned to you by your credit union’s PolicyPro Administrator(s). If you need a login, an admin from your credit union can provide access for you to login and view the model policies and any of your customized policies. If you are unsure of who the admin users are from your credit union please email support for assistance (policysupport@cusolutionsgroup.com).

A separate ID/PW is required to access CU PolicyPro, and each credit union has an unique URL to access the site. If you already have an ID/PW for CU PolicyPro, click here to find your credit union's link.

IF Your Credit Union Has Never Been Registered For PolicyPro-CU PolicyPro is a benefit of affiliation with the LSCU & Affiliates. Once registration is approved, a unique manual will be created for each credit union to take full advantage of CU PolicyPro’s policy management system. Within this manual you can customize model policies, upload existing policies, edit your policies, publish policies for your staff, Board, and examiners, and much more. If you are an affiliated credit union in Alabama, Florida, or Georgia, please email support for assistance (policysupport@cusolutionsgroup.com) to get registered.

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