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The Southeast Credit Union Foundation has established Disaster Relief Funds. These funds encompass necessities like food, water, shelter, and more, providing support for both immediate and long-term recovery. Grant funding availability will be shared directly with impacted credit unions to then share with staff and volunteers shortly.

In times of natural disasters, concern for our credit unions and the communities they serve is a top priority for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU) and the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation (SECUF). In an effort to meet the needs of our credit unions in times of disaster, the SECUF has a Disaster Relief Fund that is available to assist our credit unions, employees and volunteers that have been impacted. Grants are available to fund emergency needs, as well as, long-term and ongoing needs. Contributions and donations are accepted year-round as we never know when a disaster may strike and our goal is to be able to act immediately.

Through assistance with the SECUF and the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), disaster relief funds can be used for a broad range of disaster-related needs as identified by credit unions in affected areas and approved by the SECUF. These needs include, but are not limited to the following items:

Critical Needs - Credit union employees and volunteers can receive assistance for items for daily living such as, but not limited to food, water, ice, batteries, clothing, diapers, temporary shelter, housing, gas and transportation.

Longer-term Recovery Needs - After surviving the initial emergency, credit union employees and volunteers may still face long-term needs related to the disaster. Even after they recover what they can from insurance payouts, victims may need assistance rebuilding or relocating to a new home, replacing lost vehicles and household items .As long as funds remain in the SECUF Disaster Relief Fund, the Foundation in concert with its agent(s) managing the recovery efforts may expand the grant criteria to include these and other longer-term recovery needs that are not fully covered by insurance.

*Credit unions having branches with significant damage and/or that have been deemed inoperable due to a natural disaster or tragic event may also be eligible to apply for disaster relieft grants and/or emergency assistance. Inquiries should be submitted via email to the SECUF Director at secuf@lscu.coop


Disaster Preparedness Webinars: Credit Union Operations & Personal

Are you prepared for natural disasters? Download the CUAid Disaster Recovery App and Register your CU information!

It’s critical to plan for a natural disaster before it happens. Improve business resiliency in the face of a natural disaster and connect to share needed resources with other organizations through the free CUAid Disaster Recovery app from the National Credit Union Foundation.

“The need to prepare, connect and share resources has proven to be more important now than ever as our movement has faced an unprecedented time of crisis,” said Gigi Hyland, executive director at the National Credit Union Foundation. “We are hopeful this app will change the way credit unions can respond to natural disasters and allow them to quickly get services back up and running to serve members.”

Download app instructions and FAQs HERE.

Disaster Relief Donations

Contributions and donations are currently being accepted.

Disaster Relief Fund Pledge:

Download and print SECUF Pledge Form.
Disaster Preparedness & Relief Resources

Use the Status Update by CU form to update the League on the status of your credit union following a disaster. The document is a PDF that can be completed electronically. This will help the LSCU assist credit unions more quickly following a disaster.

LSCU Resources:

LSCU's Plan to Assist our Credit Unions

Pre Storm Credit Union Resources:

Disaster Preparedness Webinars RecapCACU Storm Preparedness
Do You Have a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan?
How to Evacuate Before a Storm or Flood
Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities
Flash Flood Safety and Damage Prevention Guide
FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Search by Address

Post Storm Credit Union Resources:

C1 Contingency Services Guide
Status Update by SDCC
Re-Opening Checklist
Steps After Flooding for Temporary Branch and Rebuilding

America's Credit Unions Resource Community

The Disaster Hotline is available 24/7 for your credit union’s use. This hotline was set up specifically to provide information to your credit union’s employees during a disaster such as a hurricane or other disaster in which your credit union’s primary communications are down.

Post Storm Staff/Personal Resources:

Cleaning After a Flood
Flood Health and Safety
Food Safety After a Storm
Safe Cleaning After a Home Flood: What You Need to Know
FEMA Disaster Assistance

America's Credit Unions Disaster Relief Resources

America's Credit Unions, with the assistance of the Cornerstone League, has developed a disaster mutual aid community. This online community connects credit unions affected by recent natural disasters with help from other credit unions and system partners. Needs are matched with offers of help.

America's Credit Unions, PSCU and CO-OP launched a call center to facilitate credit unions getting information to their members in the wake of a disaster. Call center operators monitor web sites and information compiled by the LSCU in order to assist consumers with information about operating status, ATM and shared-branch locations and other important information. Numbers are:

(866) 564-3519
(844) 897-2060 (with service options for hearing impaired)
NCUA Disaster Preparedness Resources

The NCUA has a number of resources to help credit unions create their disaster plan. The NCUA suggests that federally chartered credit unions review their plan on a regular basis and have a “dry run” to ensure the credit union is prepared in case a disaster hits.

Hurricane-impacted credit unions in Alabama, Florida and Georgia with the NCUA low-income designation are qualified for up to $7,500 in money through NCUA’s Urgent Needs Grant funding round, which is available year-round. Additional information on this grant funding round can be found here.

The state of Alabama, the state of Florida and the state of Georgia also have very good resource pages that credit unions should bookmark and refer to during times of natural disasters.

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