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Historically, the political strength of the credit union movement has been in our grassroots strength, that is, to show elected officials that credit unions are a vocal constituency that cannot be ignored. PAC fundraising is just one piece of the puzzle. Credit unions must also take action on a grassroots level to show lawmakers how important credit union issues are to their constituents.

There are many ways to get involved in grassroots advocacy:

Attend LSCU & CUNA advocacy events
These events are designed to allow credit union officials to build and maintain personal relationships between state and federal lawmakers and their local credit union officials. These events provide one-on-one opportunities for credit unions to educate lawmakers and their staff about issues important to the credit union movement.

Become a member of the Grassroots Delegates Program
This program allows credit unions to have “boots on the ground” ready to deploy when a key legislative or regulatory issue arises. Ideally, each congressional representative and state lawmaker will have at least one credit union volunteer who will touch base before, during and after legislative session, deliver PAC checks and contact lawmakers to convey LSCU talking points on key issues.

Click here to download and apply. Once complete, click ‘Submit’ on the form and you’re done!

Click here to find your state and federal lawmaker.

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