Shared Compliance Services

Shared Compliance Services

Is the cost of compliance affecting your bottom line? Does worrying about the latest regulatory changes or rule revisions take up too much of your time? Do you need policies changed or created? Did your most recent visit by your Examiner reveal compliance problems at your credit union? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider participating in the Shared Compliance Services with the LSCU.

A Compliance Consultant is hired by the LSCU, certified as a compliance expert through CUNA, and trained by experienced LSCU employees and then leased to participating credit unions. The Consultant is shared between several credit unions to review, change, and in some cases, implement a compliance program for the credit unions. Time and expense allocated to each credit union coincides with the credit unions' participation level. We offer contracted service for part time, full-time or short-term projects.

What does the Compliance Consultant do? The following list is not all inclusive. The program is completely customizable based on the needs of the participating credit union.

  • Works with "sponsor" credit unions in developing or updating their compliance program
  • Develops and reviews each department's compliance procedures to improve compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations
  • Evaluates and recommends changes to policies, procedures, processes, etc. to improve compliance with applicable laws and regulations without giving legal advice
  • Assists in the implementation of new laws and regulations that affect the credit unions, including updating policies and procedures to reflect changes caused by new regulations
  • Compiles and maintains training materials and conducts training sessions for new and existing employees
  • Coordinates with regulatory examiners and external auditors during examinations to ensure that compliance issues are adequately addressed where appropriate
  • Assesses most operational areas of your credit union with more than 100 regulatory checklists available
  • Currently, the LSCU has Compliance Consultants providing compliance support to numerous credit unions. The Consultants also meet regularly as a team to share best practices, network and training.

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