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What is Community Development Across the Southeast?
Through our Community Development Across Southeast program, the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation has been coordinating efforts to assist credit unions in applying for federal grant money through the U.S. Treasury for community development.

We currently collaborate with CU Strategic Planning to include a pledge for $20,000 (or a % of the award) to the SECUF as part of the Federal grant applications submitted by affiliated credit unions.

What are the pledged funds used for?
With those funds, and the help of our other partners, we provide workshops, speakers, webinars and application assistance to credit unions interested in becoming a CDFI. We also use the pledged dollars to maintain a CDFI discussion form and help certified credit unions brainstorm ideas for community development within the geographic footprint, to foster assistance in connecting the credit union with community partners and new clients.

By understanding our purpose and sharing our story, we can continue living the difference through credit unions. Explore the credit union difference through credit unions’ structure, operating principles and history. Link your personal core values with the values of the credit union movement and your organization to better understand your “why” and how we can live our values to meet existing and future challenges in the marketplace.

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Does your credit union have a high priority of community development and assisting members to move from Financial Crisis to Stability, Security, Well-Being and Prosperity?

Part of the credit union philosophy is believing in the power of collective impact and we recognize that “It Takes a Community” to serve the needs of low-to moderate-income individuals, families and households. We value learning and connection with peers and are always looking for community organizations that are mutually beneficial for credit unions to develop partnerships with.

Partnering with community organizations leads to:

  • Greater credit union awareness
  • Networking opportunities
  • Potential new members
  • Financial education resources
  • Professional development
  • Stronger grant applications and more opportunity

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation works closely with and encourages credit unions to find out more about the following “umbrella” organizations. Although the names are state specific, the reach of each organization is not.

Other CDFI Resources:

  • Provides a forum for cross-sector communication and collaboration among national CDFI leaders through its Industry Leadership Forum.
  • Promotes sound public policy related to CDFIs through education and advocacy.
  • Monitors the activities of the CDFI Fund, the federal program created to support CDFIs nationwide.
  • Sponsors the CDFI Institute, a cross-sector, national policy conference designed to build capacity and promote networking and collaboration.
  • Produces an E-newsletter to inform colleagues and associates of major news affecting the CDFI Field.
  • Operates an educational and informative website on community development finance
  • A dynamic collaborative community designed and built just for the CDFI industry.
  • Knowledge exchange, content curation, idea incubation and professional networking.
We CU in the Community

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation partnered with Avadian CU and the Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair to hold a Biz Kids workshop on Saturday, 11/02 at the UAB football practice Legacy Pavilion. Kids learned what it takes to start a business and will be working on their own business ideas for a showcase in April!

It was so nice to meet you and everyone at the workshop Saturday. You all breathed life and excitement into Shea and Claire, they are still flying high. They can't wait for the next gathering. We have had a rough couple of years and this was a great encouragement for all of us! Thank you for all your hard work and travel to make this happen. We will not take this opportunity for granted!
~Parent of 2 BizKid Workshop Attendees

Let us know what your CU is doing in the community! Send a brief story and pic to

We CU in the Community

Grant Success Stories

To date, with assistance from the SECUF, twenty-one affiliated credit unions in Alabama and Florida have been CDFI certified and awarded Community Development Grants totaling $13,290,250.00.

CDFI grant winners in the Southeast for 2020 were as follows:

Credit Union State Year CDFI Amount
Phenix Pride FCU Phenix City, AL 2020 CDFI-TA $125,000
Alive CU Jacksonville, FL 2020 CDFI-TA $125,000
Community South CU Chipley, FL 2020 CDFI-FA $557,000
GTE FCU Tampa, FL 2020 CDFI-FA $500,000
Guardians CU West Palm Beach, FL 2020 CDFI-FA $557,000
Manatee Community FCU Bradeton, FL 2020 CDFI-TA $125,000
Suncoast CU Tampa, FL 2020 CDFI-FA $657,000
Tallahassee Lean FCU Tallahassee, FL 2020 CDFI-FA $650,000
TOTAL $3,853,000

In 2019, CDFI grants were awarded to forty-four credit unions throughout the United States, three of which were LSCU-affiliate credit unions.

Community Credit Union of Florida, GTE Financial and Phenix Pride Federal Credit Union were awarded a total of $1,689,000 to invest in community development projects.

In 2018, a total of 48 credit unions in the U.S. and Puerto Rico were granted awards. Two LSCU affiliated Florida credit unions were granted more than $1.4 million:

  • Suncoast CU - $950,000
  • Innovations FCU - $500,000

In 2017, five LSCU affiliated Florida credit unions were granted almost $3.4 million:

  • Community CU of FL - $596,500
  • Community South CU -$776,500
  • Fairwinds CU - $686,500
  • FSU CU - $500,000
  • GTE FCU - $776,500

In 2016, three Florida credit unions were granted more than $4.6 million in grant funding, the most granted to credit unions in any one state:

  • Suncoast CU - $1,400,000
  • Guardians CU - $1,483,000
  • Tallahassee Leon FCU - $1,768,250
Top Supporters

Thank you to the following credit unions for supporting Community Development Across Alabama, Florida and Georgia through grant funding:

Platinum Supporters ($20,000+)
- Suncoast CU
- Tallahassee-Leon FCU
- Guardians CU
- Community South CU
Silver Supporters ($5,000 - $9,999)
- FSU CU ($5,000)
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