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If your credit union intends to participate in any of the following of the workshops or competitions below, please click here to sign-up to recieve additional materials and information.

Financial Education in a Virtual World

Is your credit union looking for ways to connect with students during this time of uncertainty? Schools may not be open to visitors, learning may not be done in the traditional way, but credit unions are adapting and are still able to support students through financial education in a time when it is needed more than ever. Join the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation as we provide complimentary expert training to enable your credit union to facilitate virtual reality fairs, financial fitness competitions and offer suggestions to utilize the Biz Kids program in a virtual setting.

Movie ReelFinancial Education in a Virtual World

Reality Fairs

The Mad City Money Simulation transforms the classroom into a fun, interactive city where teens adopt new identities that include instant families, careers and other financial responsibilities. Mad City Money, filled with mock merchants, includes a pushy car salesperson and a commission-based Realtor, who give teens a true taste of the real world. In this fun, comfortable environment, teens learn how to:

Identify Wants vs. Needs
Budget Household Income
Track Income and Expenses
Establish a Savings Plan

Suggested grade level: Middle school to college (adaptations can be made for younger groups or special education students).

To purchase your own Mad City Money kit through CUNA, click HERE.

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is also excited to be able to provide a VIRTUAL reality fair option through 2021 at no cost to your credit union. If your credit union is interested in hosting the virtual version of “Bite of Reality” reality fair, contact

Click the training video below to view our pilot session of the virtual reality fair. You are welcome to use this as a training tool for your credit union to facilitate the fairs. You will simply need to request a code from for each event at least one week in advance.

Movie Reel Virtual Reality Fair Sample Session

Measuring impact is an important part of any financial education program. To assist the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation in measuring impact of this program, please have students complete the survey below BEFORE and AFTER participating in the reality fair. We suggest sending the survey link directly to the teacher to have them filled out online and include the survey link again in your follow-up email after the activity.

Pre-Reality Fair Student Survey

Post-Reality Fair Student Survey

Check out the training videos for more information.

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Financial Fitness Tournament

What is a Financial Fitness Tournament?

The Financial Fitness Tournament is a way to engage teens and young adults and promote financial education through an interactive on-line trivia-style game. Credit unions can take the lead on teaching the material and facilitating the competition or simply provide the materials to teachers for use in the classroom. Make Financial Football a part of the classroom curriculum with integral, engaging lesson modules. Each module is structured as a comprehensive teaching tool for easy integration into classroom curriculum or a fun after school program. Students learn key concepts about saving and spending, budgeting and the wise use of credit in preparation for gameplay. The modules are available for three age levels — Rookie (11-14), Pro (14-18) and Hall of Fame (18+).

Interested in holding your own Financial Fitness Tournament? Although the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation will not be holding a Championship tournament in 2021, we are providing all the tools your credit union needs to hold a tournament of your own!

What are the benefits?

    It's an easy and fun way to connect with local schools and/or youth organizations.
    Students stay engaged and learn about money without even realizing it.
    Financial education is a priority that many community partners will jump on board with.
    The competition raises awareness of your credit union and attracts new young members (and their families).

Click on the links below for tools to help with facilitating a Financial Fitness Tournament:

Previous Participants and more about the Financial Fitness Tournament.

Editable Financial Fitness Tournament flyer for your credit union to use to promote your event.

Suggested Financial Fitness Tournament guidelines and scoring.

Study Modules and Instructor Materials: (Suggested materials come from Visa's Financial Football Game)

Rookie Level (Suggested for Middle School)

Student Modules

Instructor Guide

Pro Level (Suggested for High School)

Student Modules

Instructor Guide

Hall of Fame Level (Suggested for College or Adults)

Student Modules

Instructor Guide

Biz Kid$

The Show
Biz Kid$ is a national financial literacy initiative based on the Emmy Award-winning public television series where kids teach kids about money and business. The series consists of 65 episodes, each of which reaches more than one million viewers around the world. Using a clever blend of entertainment and education, each episode shows kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. To keep young viewers engaged, the series includes a fast-paced mix of direct education delivered by young actors, sketch comedies, animation, and stories featuring real-life young entrepreneurs.

The Educational Resource
The show is complemented by a resource-rich website, free lesson plans for teachers, outreach activities, and a monthly email newsletter. To assist credit unions in using Biz Kid$ to connect with students, the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation created a “Biz Kid$ Showcase” competition where students (recommended for ages 10-18) can put their creative minds to the test by coming up with and developing their own business ideas!

The Biz Kid$ Showcase

Biz Kid$ Showcase Competitions are a unique way for students to put their ideas into action. The Biz Kid$ Showcase will attract and engage young members (and families) and allow students to continue to be creative in our current virtual world.
Beginning at the state level, students, ages 12 – 18 years old, will complete three learning modules, each focused on a different aspect of business planning. Each learning module consists of a brief webinar and two Biz Kid$ episodes. After completing each module, students will work, either as individuals or teams, to answer the call to action. Points are received for each learning module completed. Upon coming up with their business idea, students will then submit a business plan and an entry into the virtual Biz Kid$ Showcase. Students have the choice of creating a website, a short commercial video or a display to showcase their new business idea. Entries will be judged by a panel of credit union experts from each state (think Shark Tank style…but virtual…and a little kinder)! The top three submissions from each state will be awarded a cash prize and move on to the national judging for a chance at another cash prize!  

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is excited to bring this program to you at no cost to your credit union. We provide the toolkit to easily roll it out, we provide the materials and webinars (all on-line in one convenient place) and we do the tracking of the points! We even provide the prizes at the state level and the National Credit Union Foundation provides prizes at the national level! Your credit union’s only commitment is to spread the word of the competition to the communities you serve! It’s an easy and fun way to stay connected, get connected and provide financial education to schools, youth agencies, homeschool groups or any other youth you may have a connection with.

Registration for the Biz Kid$ Showcase is open now through April 26, 2021 with all work to be completed by April 30, 2021.

Students (ages 12-18) can register to be a part of the Biz Kid$ Showcase HERE.

Credit unions and educators, click HERE to access ideas to spread the word about the Biz Kid$ Showcase!


Hear from 2020 Biz Kid$ Champion, Jada W from Birmingham Alabama!

Biz Kids 2020

Virtual Biz Kid$ competition sample.

Suggested age: 12-18

To learn more about Biz Kid$ email
Empowerment Through Financial Educaiton

The Empowerment through Financial Education program, created by the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation offers informational resources and templates for credit unions to share with their members. To gain access to download the below free financial literacy materials, simply fill out and submit the form below.

Title Topics Covered
Taking Financial Control Automated Bill Pay, Debt, Credit, Insurance policies, filing, digital documents
Budgeting Basics Budgeting, Debit, Income, Expenses
Budgeting for Families Budgeting, Debt, Income, Expenses, College Savings, 50-20-30 rule
How to Foster Budgeting for Kids Budgeting for ages 3-18, Coins, Money, Giving, Saving, Earning, Investing, Goals, Wants, Needs, Building a Budget for College, Youth Accounts
Budgeting in College Budgeting, Debt, Income, Expenses, Housing, Investing
Budgeting in Retirement Retirement, Budgeting, Fixed Income
Taking Financial Control in Retirement Automated Bill Pay, Debt, Credit, Insurance policies, filing, digital documents
Mobile Banking Basics Mobile Banking, Secure Network, VPN
Debit Card Basics Debit Cards, Overdraft, Tracking Expenses, Protections
Prepaid Card Basics Prepaid cards, Gift Cards, GPR Cards, Student Cards, Overdraft, Tracking Expenses, Protections
Credit Card Basics Credit Cards, Interest, Annual Percentage Rates (APR), Debt
Credit History Basics Credit History, Credit Reports
Credit Score Basics Credit History, Credit Reports, Credit Scores


Empowerment through Financial Education Request Form

Books Make Cent$

Books Make Cent$, created by the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, offers an interactive way to introduce students to credit unions and basic financial concepts while building relationships with schools and community partners. The Books Make Cent$ program provides book recommendations and associated lesson plans for preschool, elementary, and middle school levels. To gain access to download the associated lesson plans, simply fill out the form below.

When ordering your copies of the books, don't forget to use Amazon Smile and select the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation as your charity of choice. Using the link is no extra cost to you, and Amazon Smile donates a percentage of your purchase to the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation.

Book Age/Grade Level Financial Literacy Topics

Earn It!; Save It!; Spend It!; Give It! MoneyBunny Book Series
Author: Cindy McLeod
Book Type: Series
Ages: 3-5
Preschool - Kindergarten
• Budgeting & Saving
• Need vs Want
• Spending choices based on what we have and what is important to us
• Counting
• Budgeting/Not going to plan and extending a goal
• Saving without missing out on simple pleasures
• Helping other with money

Follow the Money
Author: Loreen Leedy
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 6-9
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
• Coins
• Spending

The Lemonade War
Author: Jacqueline Davies
Book Type: Chapter/Series
Ages: 9-11
4th-5th Grade
• Underselling, Value-Added, Profit Marge, and Franchises
• Business Planning

I Want More Pizza
Author: Steve Burkholder
Book Type: Chapter
Ages: 11-14
6th-8th Grade
• Topics covered range from why saving your money is really the foundation for the rest of your money management, to investing (while understanding both the potential rewards and risks).
• The lesson covers topics such as mental blocks to saving, goal setting, and types of accounts

The Missing Money: Money Monsters
Author: Okeoma Moronu-Schreiner
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 3-5
Preschool - Kindergarten
• Saving
• Earning

One Cents, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent
Author: Bonnie Worth
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 6-9
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
• History of Money/Money Around the World
• Bartering
• How Money is Made

My Money Bunnies: Fun Money Management for Kids
Author: Mike Michalowicz
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 6-9
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
• Earning
• Saving
• Spending
• Giving

The Magic Money Tree
Author: Karl Woodhouse
Book Type: Illustrated Poem
Ages: 9-11
4th-5th Grade
• Cashflow
• Quick Money Cons
• Business Development
• Compound Interest
The Banks are Made of Marble
Author: Les Rice
Book Type: Song/Poem
Ages: 11-14
6th-8th Grade
• The Credit Union Difference

Money Plan
Author: Monica Eaton
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 3-5
Preschool - Kindergarten
• Budgeting & Saving
• Need vs Want

Praline Lady
Author: Kirstie Myyett
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 6-9
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
• Careers
• Entrepreneurship
• Power of marketing

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire - The Lemonade Escapade
Author: Ty Allen Jackson
Book Type: Chapter Book w/Journal
Ages: 8-10
3rd-4th Grade
• Earning and Saving
• Banks/Credit Unions
• Interest

Madam C.J. Walker Builds a Business
Author: Rebel Girls Book Publications
Text provided by: Denene Millner

Ages: 9-11
4th-5th Grade

Ages: 11-14
6th-8th Grade

• Entrepreneurship
• Business development and growth

Mo's Bows: A Young Person's Guide to Start-Up Success: Measure, Cut, Stitch Your Way to a Great Buisness
Author: Moziah Bridges
Book Type: Chapter
Ages: 11-14
6th-8th Grade
• Entrepreneurship
• Business development and growth
• Persuasive Pitches

Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid
Author: Ebony Beckford
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 11-14
6th-8th Grade
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Business development and growth

Madison's 1st Dollar: A Picture Book About Money
Author: Ebony Beckford
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 3-5
Preschool - Kindergarten
• Money Management
• Saving, Giving, Budgeting
• Need vs Want
• Coins/Dollar

Sunny and the Seven Streams of Income
Author: Andrea N. Pope
Book Type: Picture Book
Ages: 7-9
1st-3rd Grade
• Building Wealth
• Streams of Income
• Earned vs Unearned Income
• Coins/Money

Rickshaw Girl
Author: Mitali Perkins
Book Type: Chapter Book
Ages: 9-11
4th-5th Grade
• Currency/Value of Money/Exchange Rates
• Women in Business/Microfinancing
Training Library


The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation offers a way to engage students of all ages. It’s similar to the familiar classic, BINGO, but with a twist. Download the directions HERE. Use the “Bling-oo” format as a review or as an interactive way for participants to follow along during a workshop. Terms can be changed to suit any topic.


10 Under Ten

Movie Reel Reality Fairs: The Basics

Movie Reel Reality Fairs: Getting Ready for Game Day

Movie Reel Reality Fairs: Volunteer Training

Teen/Young Adult Curriculum and Presentations

Money Management: Cash Flow, SMART Goals, Decision Making, Creating a Spending Plan & Maintaining a Positive Cash Flow

Customizable Power Point

Student Workbook: Money Management

Student Assessment: Money Management

Borrowing: Using Credit, Credit Costs, Credit Rating, Borrowing Rights & Identity Fraud

Customizable Power Point

Student Workbook: Borrowing

Student Assessment: Borrowing

Earning Power: Invest in Yourself, Job Benefits and Options, Pay and Taxes, Lifestyle & Plan for Change

Customizable Power Point

Student Workbook: Earning Power

Student Assessment: Earning Power

Investing: Putting Savings to Work, How Investing Works, Choosing Investments & Investing Strategy

Customizable Power Point

Student Workbook: Investing

Student Assessment: Investing

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Spanish Resources
Biz Kids - Spanish
Next Gen Personal Finance - Spanish (sign up for a free teacher account and then choose the Spanish course option)
Money Smart - Spanish This is FDIC's Money Smart program and it is in Spanish! They even have webinars coming up on how to present the material (train the trainer) and everything is free...excellent quality for high school and adults.
Smart About Money - Spanish Articles
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