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With the chaos and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a better time to introduce consumers to credit unions and educate them about the credit union difference. Needs are great, and we know potential members can be best served by our commitment to “people helping people,” particularly in this time of crisis.

LSCU is in an excellent position to launch the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign in Alabama, Florida and Georgia this January 2021.

Join us to learn how the campaign works, why you should become a contributor and how we can work together to turn the campaign on in your state!

“Open Your Eyes” will assist all credit unions in their work to:

  • Reduce the impact of consumer belief in myths such as “I can’t join” or “it’s only local” that keep affecting the credit union movement
  • Put credit unions at the forefront when considering financial services and products
  • Create opportunities to grow credit union membership

With your contribution, collectively as a movement we will boost ROA and bring a greater share of the 93% of consumer assets held by banks to credit unions. Together, we can bring more consumers to their best financial partner – credit unions.

Fundraising Goals Per State

What we do know is that 98% of non-members have heard of credit unions, but less than 14% can recall a credit union as an option to them for financial services. That’s likely due to misapprehensions about what credit unions do and what membership entails.

Through the educational ad campaigns, we can elevate awareness of the credit union difference and make an impact when consumers need it most. Learn more by viewing a video here.

Join the 1,096+ organizations that have pledged more than $50.2 million to the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign. The campaign is live in 24 states and since January 2019 has:

  • Gained more than 998 million impressions
  • 302 million videos watched to completion
  • is connecting with the right consumers:
    • Majority of visitors are 25-44
    • 92% of visits are via a mobile device

Open Your Eyes

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