CU Employee Financial Wellness

With all of the financial challenges of 2020, the new year is the perfect time to introduce this new employee benefit to your credit union staff and volunteers. There are tips and tools for everyone's financial journey and it's free for your credit union to provide to them!


Contact SECUF staff, if you would like help rolling this benefit out to your staff.


On behalf of your credit union, the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is excited to offer YOU a complimentary financial wellness platform, specifically for credit union employees! The platform is called "Enrich" and rightfully so! Now, you can enrich your financial well-being! Giving you the resources you need to stay on a successful financial journey, to improve your financial capability and to give you resources in times of need for yourself or for others will not only help to keep you on track or to relieve financial stress but will also allow you to better serve your members and your community.

Here are some of the things you will find:

Movie Reel CU Employee Financial Wellness Introduction

  • Personalized, takeaway-loaded content covering all the must-knows
  • Pinpointed knowledge-building exercises and how-to tutorials
  • Explainer videos with simple-to-absorb tips and tricks
  • Community discussion boards where you are able to ask questions or to provide input
  • Clever games and progress tracking that make learning entertaining
  • Complimentary expert financial counseling through chat, email or phone

Credit unions receive access to this program for their employees as a value of affiliation! Aside from logging in, there is nothing required for you to start using this program and all personal information is kept confidential.

Access Enrich Now

Important note* When signing up, you will see a button to check that states “I agree to let iGrad (who operates Enrich) to collect, use, retain, share and protect my personal data as explained in the Privacy Policy.” Please be aware that your personal data is not shared with any outside entity or used for solicitation purposes. The only way that Enrich will be using your data is to make reports available to the administrator (the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation) in order to share general information and statistics on participants. For example, we will be able to report how many people from each credit union are utilizing the program, how many complete the quizes, which stressors stand out the most overall, etc. This data will be used strictly for tracking and incentive based purposes. No specific data from participants is ever shared.

Below is a toolkit of materials to help credit unions to promote this program to employees. If your credit union would like more information, please contact SECUF staff,

Thank you to our supporting partner in this endeavor, CUNA Mutual Group

*Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Training (FiCEP) is also available for credit union employees and volunteers (fee based). Click HERE for more details and registration information.

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