Welcome to LSCU's Virtual Learning Center for Small Credit Unions!
Our team has put together a valuable on-demand resource library tailored specifically to meet the needs of small credit unions. We're confident that you will find the information and resources provided to be informative and uplifting.
At LSCU, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our resources to better serve the needs of our small credit unions. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at MemberEngagement@LSCU.coop and share your thoughts. Together, we can empower and strengthen our credit union community!
Small credit unions are faced with a variety of challenges in today's competitive marketplace. LSCU emphasizes the importance of small credit unions through our Small Credit Union program.
The Small Credit Union program is designed to facilitate growth and provide solutions to the challenges impeding growth for credit unions $100 million in assets and under.
Available assistance includes:
  • Small Credit Union Initiatives Account
  • Guidance in resolving document of resolution items and/or other issues revealed by exams and audits
  • Suggestions to improve your bottom line
  • Suggestions to enhance member utilization of credit union products and services
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions
  • Guidance in determining feasibility of field of membership expansion and guidance on regulatory requirements
InfoSight is your first stop when searching for compliance answers.
Think of it as a free, online compliance resource at your fingertips, containing federal and state-specific content that is accurate, concise and detailed on a wide range of topics and issues.
Click the below button to access InfoSight. Sign in with the same credentials used for LSCU
PolicyPro provides credit unions with a comprehensive suite of more than 200 model policies that have been researched, developed and written specifically for credit unions by regulatory experts and are reviewed twice annually.
95% of Affiliated Credit Unions have already signed up for PolicyPro as it is a value of Affiliation. To log in and begin using PolicyPro you must have a user name and password assigned to you by your credit union’s PolicyPro Administrator(s). If you have forgotten your password, the fastest way to regain access is to use the forgot password function. If you still have problems, please send an email to compliance@lscu.coop
If Your Credit Union Has Never Been Registered For PolicyPro - CU PolicyPro is a benefit of affiliation with the LSCU & Affiliates. Once registration is approved, a unique manual will be created for each credit union to take full advantage of CU PolicyPro’s policy management system.
Within this manual you can:
  • Customize Model Policies
  • Upload Existing Policies
  • Edit Your Policies
  • Publish Policies For Your Staff, Board, And Examiners
  • And Much More!
If you are an affiliated credit union in Alabama, Florida, or Georgia, click on Register Now to get started.
Policies in PolicyPro are designed to accommodate credit unions of all asset sizes. However, some items may not be applicable to your specific credit union. Please review and modify the policies to align with your credit union’s current procedures before implementation.
The LSCU board of directors has approved funding for the Small Credit Union Initiatives Account Program, available to all affiliated credit unions $100 million in assets or less. The LSCU has created an account in your credit union’s name in the amount of $1,000 to use toward the purchase of any LSCU, LEVERAGE, or a America's Credit Unions product, service and/or event including:
LSCU Education and Training EventsAmerica's Credit Unions Education and Training EventsLSCU Strategic Planning Sessions (contact your Member Engagement Consultant for details)LEVERAGE Products (LSCU Service Corp.)Southeastern Credit Union Foundation FiCEP
To utilize Small CU Initiatives Account funds, please submit your paid invoice to the Member Engagement Team; it will be paid from the Small CU Initiatives Account upon receipt for used events/services.
The Small CU Initiatives Fund was approved based on the LSCU’s budget and will be re-evaluated each year as part of our budget process. Unused funds in your account cannot be rolled over or transferred to other credit unions. This money must be used by by the end of the year and cannot be accessed until your credit union’s LSCU dues have been paid. Credit unions who receive a dues waiver are not eligible for the Small CU Initiatives Account program. Please submit a paid invoice to the Member Engagement team for approval and reimbursement.
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